Automotive Repair: Signs And Benefits Of Tire Rotations

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Automotive Repair: Signs And Benefits Of Tire Rotations

27 May 2022
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Tires are an essential part of your car that you might overlook during an auto repair. Therefore, you should discern signs that you need a tire rotation and learn the benefits. This provision ensures your car gets full service when visiting your auto repair shop.

Signs You Need a Tire Rotation

Below are a few signs that you need to go to your automotive repair shop for a tire rotation.

1. Uneven Tread Wear on Your Tires

If you've been driving on the same set of tires for a while, you may notice they have unevenly worn out. This signifies that you need to rotate your tires. Your auto mechanic should rotate your tires every 7,500 miles or after six months.

The threads on the front and rear tires should look even with each other. If one side of your tire has more threads than the other, it's time to rotate them.

2. Your Car Pulls to One Side While Driving

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, it could signify you need a tire rotation. This issue is common in cars with a front-wheel-drive layout. The engine and transmission weight gets carried by only one set of tires, so they wear out faster. This causes them to develop uneven tread wear patterns, causing the vehicle to pull to one side.

3. Your Vehicle Vibrates at High Speeds

Several factors can cause auto vibrations, but vibrations often indicate an imbalance in the wheels or tires. A tire rotation solves vibrations in some instances.

Benefits of Tire Rotations

You'll accrue many benefits from a tire rotation. Tire rotation enhances efficiency, durability, comfort, and safety.

1. Improve Gas Mileage and Reduce Emissions

The tread pattern of your tires wears differently depending on the position they are rotated to. Therefore, by rotating them regularly, you will get more even wear, which results in better gas mileage and reduces the amount of pollution released into the air.

2. Smooth Ride

You'll notice a smoother ride after regular tire rotations. You won't have uneven tread issues that could cause vibrations while driving at high speeds or over bumps. Your steering wheel will also become easier to control. Consequently, your ride comfort improves.

3. Longer Tire Life

Tire rotations will help prevent uneven wear on individual tires and prevent premature wear. This provision improves the lifespan of your car tires.

4. Reduced Risk of Accidents

Tires with even tread wear don't produce as much friction as worn-out tires, reducing traction when cornering at high speeds. Therefore, you improve the safety of your auto through tire rotation.


A tire rotation is a much-needed automotive repair service. This repair ensures the longevity of your tires and also ensures road safety. Feel free to visit an auto repair shop near you to help you out if you note any tire rotation signs. Contact a local auto repair shop, such as Precision Towing & Recovery, to learn more.