Do you have a teenage driver in your home? Does your teen know what to do if he or she has car troubles when out and about? Click here.

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Do you have a teenage driver in your home? Does your teen know what to do if he or she has car troubles when out and about? Is your teen driver included on your towing insurance policy? Does your teen driver have the phone numbers needed to get a tow when one is needed? There are many things that your teenager needs to know about when it comes to car troubles. Go to my site to find out what my mechanic helped me teach my son about dealing with roadside emergencies and car troubles. Hopefully, it will help you prepare your son or daughter for the day that the car breaks down on him or her.

Southern Snowfalls And Vehicle Towing Insurance: No Time Like The Present

27 January 2020
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In recent years, southern states have seen more and more of cold temperatures, ice, freezing rain, and even some snow. As a result, a lot of these states declare statewide emergencies and shut down. People who have never driven in these conditions are sliding into each other and sliding into ditches. More vehicle towing services have been employed than at almost any other time in the history of the South. If you reside south of the Mason-Dixon Line and you find yourself in a position where you need a tow, you are probably going to wish you had towing insurance. Read More …

How You Can Prepare For The Cost Of Towing Your Vehicle

6 September 2019
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Most of the time, people find that they have to call for a tow truck at the most inconvenient time. Unless it is for a planned trip to the mechanic's shop, people are usually taken by surprise when their vehicle breaks down or when they get into an accident. If you are worried about having the funds to pay for a tow whenever it becomes something you need, you will want to prepare for the cost ahead of time. Read More …

Going On A Long Drive This Winter? 3 Tips To Make Potential Towing Easier On You

28 February 2019
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Getting your car towed is something that you likely don't plan for and would like to avoid, but can sometimes be unavoidable when you're driving, and the weather is bad. If you're driving during the winter when there's expected to be a lot of ice or snow on the ground, you'll need to make plans just in case an accident was to occur on the road. Instead of being stranded on the side of the road after an accident or your car breaking down, consider some of the following tips to make sure that your car is towed with ease. Read More …

Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Tow Truck Driver

4 March 2016
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You experience a moment or two of panic when your car breaks down either on the side of the road or in a random parking lot, but you'll quickly begin to feel calmer once you've called a towing service and are told that a tow truck operator is on the way. As you sit in your vehicle and wait for the tow truck to arrive, you might once again experience a moment of anxiety as you wonder whether you should tip the driver for providing this helpful service. Read More …